The Premier League’s Greatest Player Of All-Time Has Been Revealed

The Premier League's Greatest Player Of All-Time Has Been Revealed

Le Tissier spent his entire Premier League career at Southampton and scored 161 in 443 games across a 16 year spell with the Saints.

He overcame Arsenal legend Thierry Henry in the final of the Eurosport Cup, with 60% of the vote compared to Henry’s 40%.

Check out the entire tournament bracket below.

The entire Eurosport Cup tournament bracket. (Image Credit: Eurosport)

En route to the final, Le Tissier overcame Cristiano Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard and Alan Shearer before toppling Henry

The opposite side of the bracket saw Henry defeat Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs before falling at the final hurdle.

Le Tissier commented on the victory in an interview with Eurosport – with the man himself joking about the triumph.

“If you were to ask me Thierry Henry would probably get my vote. But, if we are taking everyone into account, not just players who have won lots of trophies and played for the big clubs, just basing on natural ability alone, then I can maybe understand how I got up there in the voting.”

Le Tissier was blessed with fantastic technical ability that made him one of the league’s most exciting players in his prime.

Le Tissier spent 16 years of his career with Southampton. (Image Credit: PA)
Le Tissier overcame Thierry Henry in the final. (Image Credit: PA)

Dubbed ‘Le God’ by The Dell faithful, he became the first midfielder to reach 100 goals in the Premier League.

The Guernsey native also registered the insane record of scoring 47 of the 48 penalties he took in his career.

He explained to Eurosport that he focused on his technical ability due to the poor conditions of pitches in his career.

“Footballers today don’t even know what a bobble is. With the poor pitches we had to play on, you had to concentrate so hard on your first touch.

“It was a different challenge. Rule changes have considerably helped strikers, who are much more protected. It is much easier these days, and it seems people have remembered that!”

Image Credit: PA

Many have speculated why Le Tissier never moved to a ‘bigger club’ during his playing days, but the former England international discussed his mindset when weighing up potential moves.

“I was not really in football for the winning titles and the money. I always looked at football as an entertainment industry and that was what I was there to do. Hopefully I did that, and perhaps that is why I have picked up this award.”

It’s certainly a choice that will get fans talking when you see the talent that has graced the Premier League.

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